You’ve reached the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FF&P) Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. The mission of FF&P is to promote excellence in romantic, futuristic, fantasy, time travel and paranormal fiction, to help writers become published in the genre, and to provide current information and continuing support to the writers in the romantic, futuristic, fantasy, time travel and paranormal industry.

To both the published and aspiring author in our field, FF&P is an invaluable group. We have a great newsletter filled with informative articles and market updates, a regularly updated blog, and a website to keep you posted on the latest news in the industry including: workshops, author links, new book releases, and FF&P contest information. As serious writers in our field, we have a critique group (on this website) and an on-line members-only forum (on the RWA website).

Members of this RWA chapter are a great group of people and always there to support their fellow writers. For information on how to join, please visit our join page.

Read more about the Romance Writers of America and our organization’s mission.

Upcoming Workshops

Monsters & Villains Are Not Always the Same

09/12/2017 – 09/25/2017 Have you ever read a book with a weak villain? One that is so cliche you wondered if he was peeled off a newspaper in the 1920s? Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a villain that people will want to watch die so badly that they can’t stop reading until [Read more…]

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Getting Results From Your Author Newsletter

07/03/2017 – 07/28/2017 Every author needs a newsletter and an email list of readers. But where do you even start? And how do your build your list? Newsletters are a dynamic vehicle for communicating with readers between books — and selling books when published — but your newsletter is only as good as its content. [Read more…]

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The Essential Guide to Plotting and Characterization

07/03/2017 – 07/28/2017 In this course, we will discuss how to plot a story, what keeps it moving, and how storytellers drag readers into a fictional world and keep them there. We will learn story structure, pacing, world building, how to connect the beginning, middle and end, and much more. Lesson One: Brainstorming Lesson Two: Backstory, [Read more…]

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