You’ve reached the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FF&P) Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. The mission of FF&P is to promote excellence in romantic, futuristic, fantasy, time travel and paranormal fiction, to help writers become published in the genre, and to provide current information and continuing support to the writers in the romantic, futuristic, fantasy, time travel and paranormal industry.

To both the published and aspiring author in our field, FF&P is an invaluable group. We have a great newsletter filled with informative articles and market updates, a regularly updated blog, and a website to keep you posted on the latest news in the industry including: workshops, author links, new book releases, and FF&P contest information. As serious writers in our field, we have a critique group (on this website) and an on-line members-only forum (on the RWA website).

Members of this RWA chapter are a great group of people and always there to support their fellow writers. For information on how to join, please visit our join page.

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Upcoming Workshops

February – Playing God: Worldbuilding for Every Genre – Rebekah Ganiere

2/4/2019-3/3/19 Playing God: Worldbuilding for Every Genre Presenter: Rebekah Ganiere Are you looking at starting in a new genre? Afraid of where to start or what to do? Writing in Paranormal, Sci-fi and Fantasy can be scary when you’ve never done it before; but so can writing in Contemporary or Historical. It all starts with [Read more…]

February – Advanced Fiction Writing – Laura Drake

2/18/19-3/3/19   Advanced Fiction Writing Presenter: Laura Drake You know the feeling – when you start a book and immediately suspend disbelief to fall into the story world. As authors, we know that this isn’t easy to do. It takes more than a good scene. It takes a maestro of craft to pull it off. [Read more…]

March- Painfree Synopsis Writing – Sally J. Walker

3/4/19-3/28/19   Painfree Synopsis Writing Presenter: Sally Walker  Novelists and Dramatists need to be able to summarize their stories in succinct 1-4 page synopsis format for marketing purposes. Do you know how to take that 60,000-100,000 word masterpiece to a mere 500 words and maintain the vigor, and enthralling intensity of character and plot? Since [Read more…]

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