2014 OTFS Winners

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On behalf of the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Chapter of the RWA I’m happy to present our Winners and Finalists from the 2014 On the Far Side Contest. Congratulations to all!


Final Judge: Mary Altam – Sourcebooks

  • Winner: The Fairy Godmother’s Rulebook by Sarah Vance Tompkins*
  • 2nd: Everty’s Ghost by Jennifer Leon
  • 3rd: Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles


Final Judge: Cat Cline – Sourcebooks

  • Winner: A Haunting Desire by Julie Mulhern
  • 2nd: All that Shimmers by Kady Winter
  • 3rd: Akhakh by T. Snow


Final Judge: Chris Kessler – Boroughs Publishing

  •  Winner: Taxing Courtship by Jaycee Jarvis
  • 2nd: A Second Chance by AugustinaVanHoven
  • 3rd: Pangaea by Anna Questerly


Final Judge: Andrea Somberg – Harvey Klinger Literary

  • Winner: Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright**
  • 2nd: Luckriders by Lynne Maclean
  • 3rd: Pangaea by Anna Questerly


Final Judge: Laurie McLean  – Foreward Literary

  • Winner: Commonground by Leslie Brown
  • 2nd: Skyrise by Shannon Orso                          
  • 3rd: Keeping Athena by Rowena Hacker           


Final Judge: Kelli Collins –   Ellora’s Cave

  • Winner: Sins of a Man by T. Snow
  • 2nd: Hubby 4 Hire by T. Snow
  • 3rd: Beauty and the Werebeast by CC Seis


Final Judge: Marlene Castricato – Crescent Moon

  • Winner: Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright
  • 2nd: Dead River Destiny by Kay Miller
  • 3rd: Werewolf King by Melissa Stark


Final Judge: Cassie Knight – Champagne Books

  • Winner: Taxing Courtship by Jaycee Jarvis
  • 2nd: A Second Chance by AugustinaVanHoven
  • 3rd: Skyrise by Shannon Orso


Final Judge: Melissa Singer – Tor

  • Winner: Evil’s Unlikely Assassin by Jenn Windrow*
  • 2nd: Pride & Purgatory by Noelle Pierce
  • 3rd: Demon, Interrupted by Amanda Kin


Final Judge: Becca Stumpt – Prospect Agency

  • Winner: Beyond the Shadows by Nina Bangs
  • 2nd: Prism by Rowena Hacker
  • 3rd: The Golden Fox by Cecilia Dominic

* Request for partial
** Request for full manuscript

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