2015 On The Far Side Finalists

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The Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal (FF&P) chapter is proud to announce the finalists of the OTFS contest!
Congratulations to all the finalists!!


2015 FF&P On The Far Side Finalists by category


Category: Romantic Elements

Lea Kirk

Title: Prophecy


Avery Marsten

Title: Connections Crossed


Janet Halpin

Title: A Moment After Dark



Category: Time Travel/Steampunk with paranormal elements

JC Stockli

Title: Of Lions and Wolves


Janet Halpin

Title: Beryl Blue, Time Cop


Mellissa Stark

Title: Lost in Time



Category: Young Adult

P Cody Miller

Title: Twin of Fire


Mellissa Abrehamsen

Title: Foretold


Kat Comer

Title: Love’s Mortal Coil



Category: Historical

Michalea Moore

Title: Queen of Heka


Laura Susan Segers

Title: Sea of Fate


Lana Pattinson

Title: Isle of My Heart



Category: Fantasy

Andrew Palmer

Title: The Emerald’s Fire


S.H. Margeaux

Title: Harbinger


Natalia Marx

Title: Fire Maiden



Category: Dark/Light/General Paranormal

Rosalie Redd

Title: Untouchable Lover


Maggie Ryan

Title: Chief’s Mate


Briana Macwilliam

Title: The Book of Dracon



Category: Hard SciFi/SciFi/Futuristic

Evelyn Berry

Title: Wilde Beginnings


Ava Cuvay

Title: All is Fair in Love and the Corps


Kathleen Mix

Title: If I Should Die



Category: Urban Fantasy

Heather Hopkins

Title: Moon Dance


Alice Yu

Title: Soul Affinity


Kathleen Swed

Title: Independent Operative


Rachel Robins

Title: Ex Nihilo


-Jillian Jacobs, OTFS Coordinator


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