2015 On The Far Side Winners

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On behalf of the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Chapter of the RWA I’m happy to present our Winners and Finalists from the 2015 On the Far Side Contest. Congratulations to all!

2015 FF&P On The Far Side Winners By Category:


Romantic Elements

Winner: Janet Halpin

Title: A Moment After Dark


2nd: Lea Kirk

Title: Prophecy


3rd: Avery Marsten

Title: Connections Crossed


Time Travel/Steampunk with paranormal elements

Winner: Janet Halpin

Title: Beryl Blue, Time Cop


2nd: JC Stockli

Title: Of Lions and Wolves


3rd: Mellissa Stark

Title: Lost in Time


Young Adult


Winner: Kat Colmer

Title: Love’s Mortal Coil


2nd: P Cody Miller

Title: Twin of Fire


3rd: Mellissa Abrehamsen

Title: Foretold





Winner: Lana Pattinson

Title: Isle of My Heart


2nd: Laura Susan Segers

Title: Sea of Fate


3rd: Michalea Moore

Title: Queen of Heka




Winner: Andy Palmer

Title: The Emerald’s Fire


2nd: Natalia Marx

Title: Fire Maiden


3rd: S.H. Margeaux

Title: Harbinger


Dark/Light/General Paranormal


Winner: Maggie Pelman

Title: Chief’s Mate


2nd: Rosalie Redd

Title: Untouchable Lover


3rd: Briana MacWilliam

Title: The Book of Dracon



Hard SciFi/SciFi/Futuristic


Winner: Ava Cuvay

Title: All is Fair in Love and the Corps


2nd: Kathleen Mix

Title: If I Should Die


3rd: Evelyn Berry

Title: Wilde Beginnings


Urban Fantasy

Winner: Kathleen Swed

Title: Independent Operative


2nd: Alice Yu

Title: Soul Affinity


3rd: Heather Hopkins

Title: Moon Dance


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