About Our Workshops

NOTE: All Invites for Groups.io or Zoom classes will be sent to email address provided in check out under “Correspondence Email Address” if this is left blank, the pay email will be used.

Groups.io bulletin board platform

Students are invited to join a group (the “classroom”). Once a member of the classroom, they can read and reply to messages posted in the classroom’s forum.An email invitation will be sent the Friday before the class begins. It will go to the email address used when you paid for the class (i.e., your PayPal email). Students who wish to use a different email should contact the Workshop Coordinator.

When the invitation arrives, please click the link “accept this invitation.” THE OTHER LINK WILL NOT WORK. If you do not receive an invitation, please check your spam folder and then contact the Workshop Moderator if needed.

If you register after the class start date, it may take 1–2 days to be invited; for a faster invitation, email the Workshop Moderator.

Taking the Class

Teachers may post lessons using the forum (“Messages,” see image) or may upload lessons as files. Students can reply to the teacher’s messages using “Reply” at the bottom of each conversation. They can also start new conversations using “New Topic.”

Two ways to follow the class.

  1. Each time a message is posted, it generates an email. By following the emails, students will be sure not to miss any messages. You can reply via email as well. You can change your settings to receive an email digest using the “Subscription” tab.
  2. Students can also visit the classroom at the Groups.io website, and click on “Messages” to see all the messages and replies. Viewing a conversation in the classroom makes it easier to follow one conversation at a time and see the whole conversation in chronological order.
  3. You can use a mix of these methods.

Zoom Video Platform

The Workshop Chair will send a link for the class 24-28 hrs before the scheduled time.

At the time of the class, open the class using the invite link and wait for the moderator to invite you into the room.

After the class, those who signed up will receive a link to the recording, which will be available for 10 days to those.