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Now that you have your website or blog set up, it’s time to get creative. This course will focus on advanced customizing of WordPress sites. It will include: installing WordPress on your home computer and creating a webhost server that is not connected to the internet so that you can test ideas in a risk-free environment, troubleshooting your site when it crashes, creating custom menus, importing and exporting content from different sources, creating user-friendly permalinks, search engine optimization, and using the WordPress community forum. The class lasts four weeks.


  • Setting up WP on your home computer: working with local host for both Mac and PC.
  • Working with menus: creating custom menus, putting menus in your sidebar.
  • Playing around in the WP Content Folder and troubleshooting: what to do if you crash your site.
  • Fun things you can do with your site: embedding videos and adding images from the web.
  • Optimizing your site for search engines, part 1.
  • Optimizing your site for search engines, part 2.
  • Going live, part 1: uploading your practice site to the web.
  • Going live, part 2.

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