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As a confirmed ‘pantser’ when it comes to fiction writing, I enjoy making up my stories as I go along.  In practice, I often have a movie of my own creation running in my head as I write. While gathering my thoughts and thinking through the details of my multipart series, Aliens on Earth, I had to consider the alien attributes.

What makes an alien alien? Can they be as ordinary as you and I, but simply raised in a different environment? This could be, but it does make you work harder in your description of that environment and why it is not good old earth.  As a reader, I enjoy some of the possibilities illustrated in paranormal fiction and as a writer, I like to make up my own. Some of the aliens can be humanoid in appearance, or roughly human with differences in size and coloring. They can have fur instead of hair, or both, and what about scales, like the fish? Eyes that run the gambit of colors never seen on humans have always fascinated me.

In movies and television, we’ve already seen three fingered aliens and the tall, skinny silhouettes used to portray aliens in alien human encounter flicks. Will your aliens have fingers or tentacles? And what about a tail? If you add a tail, your alien must use it in a way that is as necessary to him or her as our fingers and toes are to us. One thing for sure, you have to figure their home world environment into their physical attributes. One would expect tentacles, gills, and scales on aliens born on a water world. One would expect them to be cold blooded and similar in other ways to like creatures found on earth.

If you are writing romance and plan to have human and alien interaction and romance you need to consider differences between the alien races and humans. Would the alien kiss a woman the way a man would?  Would the alien have a tongue or something more unique like another finger in his mouth?  Possibly his tongue would do more than taste and provide sensory input.  Would a kiss using a body part other than a tongue still qualify as a kiss?

Without getting too graphic, what about sex? How would that be accomplished? If your aliens have the same reproductive equipment as humans, surely there would be significant differences. In the first book of my Aliens on Earth series, Enemy Lover, the hero has tattoo like markings on his sex and they move when he is excited by the heroine. On a less romantic note, could alien sperm be more mobile, intelligent, and invasive than what is seen in the human and animal population?  What if survival was such an issue that each sperm fertilized an egg each and every time?

Other interesting issues to consider: Would sex with an alien produce offspring? Would the pregnancy harm the mother or provide unforeseen benefits? And would an alien baby be birthed much like human babies? Personally, I will never forget the pivotal scene in the movie, Alien, when the alien embryo comes out of its host.

Perhaps your aliens possess heightened senses and can read minds, know when you’re lying, read your emotions, or sense things such as illness in others when no outward signs exist. The possibilities are interestingly endless.

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