All the Bright Shiny Ideas by Amber Kallyn

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I remember getting my first novel idea.Amber Kallyn-Med Dragora

It was so bright and shiny, the perfect plot and characters. I started writing, terrified I’d never have another one.

Halfway through the story, when I was stuck, I glanced out the window. Strolling along the was the most beautiful, shiniest idea I’d ever seen.

I jumped up, ran out and grabbed hold, writing briefly about it so I wouldn’t forget. But when I went back to the first story, I found the new bright, shiny idea was a clingy thing, refusing to let go. And the book I was currently working on had dimmed, no more glow.

With Idea #2 being so pretty and clingy, I gave in and started writing it, pushing #1 away.

Over time, I’ve found this is the worst thing, for me personally, that I can do. It’s been a while, and I’ve yet to get back to that pretty little #1.

As I reached the difficult middle of idea #2, the glow dimmed. One day, I looked outside and saw a bright, beautiful idea #3 just strolling along.

Eventually, I realized if I never sat down to finish a book, I would never actually finish one.

It’s been hard, but I’ve learned how to get the new clingy idea pushed away so I can finish my current story. The other night, while watching Anacondas 2 of all things, a new shiny and beautiful idea decided to stroll through my living room.

Now I’m prepared for when this happens.

Staring at the pile of both new & partly used notebooks on my desk, I took this Idea and held it gently, looking at it from different angles.

It’s a genre I’ve never written before, and definitely a potential series.

Grabbing one of the unused notebooks, I paused the movie, plucked a mechanical pencil from the cup, and started scribbling.

For me, I’ve come to find that once I get a couple pages of notes down, the characters start to develop in my mind. So I write those notes down too.

Then, I can put the notebook back and get on with my current story. It’s advice I’ve heard from numerous authors, and one which works for me.

What do you do with your shiny, clingy new ideas in order to finish your current story?

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One of those rare breeds, Amber Kallyn is an Arizona native who can trace her family’s history through six generations in the state. She lives with her four very active children.

Amber loves the paranormal, from dragons to werewolves to vampires. She’s currently at work on her next book, probably running around the house acting out a fight scene with her collection of swords and daggers.

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