An Interview with Editor Callie Lynn Wolfe

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Please welcome Editor Callie Lynn Wolfe, from The Wild Rose Press, to our blog. She is here to give our readers a new perspective from the other side. Callie, please tell our readers a little bit about you, such as why did you become an editor?

Callie Lynn– Hello, everyone.  Well…I became an editor because I love to read and enjoy helping authors to obtain their dream of publishing their heart’s work.

Nancy– Please tell our readers about the publisher you represent.

Callie Lynn– The Wild Rose Press is an author friendly publisher. And, by the way, we just had our 11th birthday/anniversary on May 1st!

Nancy– Happy Birthday, TWRP!

Callie Lynn– What I mean by “author friendly” is our mission is to nurture authors and help them to grow and thrive.  You will never get a generic, computer generated, impersonal rejection from our editors.  We are in the business of guiding authors—whether new or seasoned in how to improve their writing.

Nancy– Describe the genre of the most recent release, and is it the only genre you represent?   

Callie Lynn– I am not sure how to answer this question but I am the senior managing editor of the Black Rose Imprint which handles all dark fantasy/paranormal.  To further describe the imprint, we handle the darker realm of paranormal: vamps, weres/shifters, demons, black or evil-type witches/warlocks, any dark entity your imagination can conjure.  I will mention that none of the editors at the TWRP are exclusive to a particular line though we all have a line which is our home base so-to-speak. We handle queries across the different imprints if necessary or continue to work with returning authors who may crossover into other lines if we are comfortable editing them. An example would be my vamp author, Mary Sue has now written a novel fitting our Crimson Rose imprint which is Mystery/Crime Suspense.  She and I would continue to work together.  This makes it easier to form a relationship with your authors.  She doesn’t have to begin again with a new editor.  Now if Mary Sue writes a Historical novel, then I would refer her to the Historical department because that is a genre which I am not comfortable editing. Make sense?

Nancy– What is your weekly routine like?

Callie Lynn– Hmmm…as a managing editor I receive all queries for my line from the main office and assign them to my editing staff. As an editor, I always have multiple queries to review and manuscripts in different stages of edits, galley, or production. We also always have full mailboxes.  Communication is key here at the TWRP so it important to the keep the communication flowing. My turn around on emails is a day or two in most cases. And I work with new editors to the garden to familiarize them to our system and processes.  Sooo, with that said my weeks are busy, busy, busy. 

Nancy- Who first introduced you to the love of reading?

Callie Lynn– I can’t really say, but I began reading at a very young age. I also wrote stories and poetry at a very young age. I do remember my father reading to me before I went to sleep at night and the vivid illustrations in the books. I cherish those moments with him.

Nancy- For authors or prospective authors: what influences your decision to read a submission: the query letter, synopsis, the plot, etc.

Callie Lynn– I love a professional query letter introducing the story and the author in a concise, informative manner. Humor is appreciated and most important following the house guidelines is paramount.  The synopsis should be no more than five or so pages. Long, rambling synopsis become boring. A unique plot is the hook for me.

Nancy- What is the biggest no no you see in submissions that makes you reject them?

Callie Lynn– Lack of proofreading, and PASSIVE LANGUAGE.  Please, please, please be sure your stories are written using vibrant, active verbs, wonderful imagery, clear POV, and use of all the senses including space and the unknown.  The best stories are the ones I fall into and feel I am interacting with the characters. I can smell, taste, feel…you get the picture.

Nancy- What do you see ahead in your career?

Callie Lynn– I will continue to help authors to make their dreams come true at The Wild Rose Press.  I look forward to building a freelance editing venue as well in the near future.

Nancy- Will you share some encouraging words for authors still struggling for that first contract?

Callie Lynn– Never give up! Follow your heart and listen to constructive criticism.  Keep improving your writing. There are so many venues out there to aid you. Join critique groups and writing groups. It will happen but unfortunately it takes work. I know I’ve been on your side of the fence as well. 

How can our readers find your submission guidelines?              

Callie Lynn Wolfe lives in South Florida with her husband and two furry children, Bea, a Sheltie and Shane, a Romany Collie. She loves reading, yoga, music and especially playing in the dirt of her various gardens. She has been been working with author and editing fiction for over twenty years and has been with The Wild Rose Press for nearly eleven of those years.  Her mantra is “Just breathe, all the rest will follow.” You can reach her at or

4 Responses to "An Interview with Editor Callie Lynn Wolfe"

  1. Comment by Nancy Lee Badger
    May 19, 2017 8:23 am

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and share your world.

  2. Comment by Diana Rivis
    May 19, 2017 8:02 pm

    Thanks very much for taking time out of your busy schedule for the interview. It was fantastic to get some tips from an editor’s perspective and to learn about Wild Rose Press through you and the website. I didn’t realize how author friendly it was. Wonderful!

  3. Comment by K.M. Fawcett
    May 19, 2017 11:30 pm

    Happy Anniversary, Wild Rose Press! Thanks for the interview!

  4. Comment by Lilly Gayle
    May 23, 2017 10:31 pm

    Great interview, Nancy. As a TWRP author, I can attest that they are indeed, author friendly.

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