The Essential Guide to Plotting and Characterization

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07/03/2017 – 07/28/2017 In this course, we will discuss how to plot a story, what keeps it moving, and how storytellers drag readers into a fictional world and keep them there. We will learn story structure, pacing, world building, how to connect the beginning, middle and end, and much more. Lesson One: Brainstorming Lesson Two: Backstory, [Read more…]

Writing Vivid Settings and Worldbuilding

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08/07/2017 – 08/18/2017 Setting is often treated as just window dressing, but it can inform every part of a story, right down to plotting and pacing and how characters speak and behave. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to turn a generic setting into a living, breathing world that your characters inhabit. We’ll talk about [Read more…]

Dynamic Dialogue

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09/04/2017 – 09/29/2017 Sure, dialogue records conversation.  But it can do so much more–if you know how to wield it.  Dialogue can provide subtle backstory, vivid characterization, or shoot a plot forward at high speed.  Great dialogue is memorable and effective.  Bad dialogue is cumbersome and can turn your reader (or potential editor) off quickly.  [Read more…]

Watch out Nanowrimo, here I come!

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10/16/2017 – 10/31/2017 It’s creeping up on us. No, not the holidays, though they are on the horizon as well, but more importantly, National Novel Writing Month. Also known as November. The 30 days where writers are charged/dared/encouraged to spin 50,000 words worth of a first draft of a novel. That breaks down to 1667 [Read more…]

Map Building and Landmass Construction In An Imaginary World

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11/01/2017 – 11/30/2017 Presenter: Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane It’s easy to tap out descriptions of the landscape upon which your characters gaze, but it’s tougher for the reader when those characters hit the road and take their quest into new lands. That’s when the questions can arise: How far away was this? [Read more…]

Characters Acting Out of Character: When Good Guys Go Bad (and vice versa)

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11/07/2017 – 11/29/2017 Writers use different methods to get to know their characters and build them for stories. Sometimes we don’t challenge our characters enough. I plan to help students dig deeply into their characters and push them, the characters and the writers, to see what would make them act against their core values and [Read more…]

Painfree Synopsis Writing

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12/04/2017 – 12/29/2017 Novelists and Dramatists need to be able to summarize their stories in succinct 1-4 page synopsis format for marketing purposes.  Do you know how to take that 60,000-100,000 word masterpiece to a mere 500 words and maintain the vigor, and enthralling intensity of character and plot?  Since busy agents, editors and producers [Read more…]


Not Your Mama’s Medicine!

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by Wynter Daniels and Joanie White  For today’s smart, savvy readers, medical romances require more than just the backdrop of medical professionals. Many have both hero and heroine in the field and they want a substantial amount of medical information in the books. It’s important to remember that these stories are romances in a medical [Read more…]

Top 10 Reasons to take the Anthropology, Archaeology & Romance Writer Workshop

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by Darlene Reilley Hi! I’m really excited to be here! Thank you for being so warm and welcoming. I’d love to share with you my love of anthropology and the top 10 reasons to take this workshop. This fun, inclusive workshop will merge my two loves: writing and anthropology! If you’re a writer who wants [Read more…]