Blog Tours: Common Misconceptions & You

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Today we are going to talk a bit about blog tours. Although most authors know what book blog tours are, there are some common misconceptions about them.

To generalize, book blog tours (or virtual tours) are a series of visits to book blogs or other types of blogs, to promote an author and their book. Book blog tours can last a short time  or a long time, with just a few stops planned, or many blogs to visit.

Blog tours are either arranged by the author or their assistant or by a blog tour company/PR person.

So, why would an author arrange a blog tour?


Many of you probably answered with some version of “to sell some books.” This is the number one common misconception surrounding tours!

Barb Drozdowich

Barb Drozdowich

Babs Hightower

Babs Hightower

Book Blog Tours Don’t Sell Books

Now you are wondering if this is true, then why bother with all the work involved in tours. The basic goal of book blog tours is to network.  Just like the “old-fashioned” activities of book signings and readings, the aim is to chat and schmooze! Authors over the years have chatted books in various places ranging from their local coffee shop to massive conventions. This is really not much different. You have the opportunity to visit a blog and chat about your book with the readers of that blog.

I strongly feel that authors need to set goals before starting to plan a book blog tour.

If selling books is not a reasonable goal for a blog tour, what should be some basic goals? Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about reasonable goals.

–        Do you want to increase the number of reviews posted for your book?

–        Do you want to expand your horizons – meet new bloggers who read the genre that you write? Meet some readers that might become future fans?

–        Do you want to chat directly with readers or expose your book to an audience in a different country? If you live in Europe, do you want to focus on a North American market or vice versa?

–        Do you just want to keep your name and brand in front of a genre- specific audience?

More general goals:

–        Do you want to be “on tour” for a few days, a month—or longer?

–        Do you want to only visit blogs during weekdays? Do you have a full time job, and weekends would suit you better?

–        Do you want to keep what you share with readers quite simple – let’s say limited to a blurb and an excerpt? Or do you prefer to write original posts for each stop on your tour?

–        Are you highly creative and enjoy showing that creativity to your potential readers? Or do you prefer to answer questions provided by bloggers?

–        Do you want to participate in a Twitter or Facebook party or be on a blog talk radio show?

–        Do you want to be on a blog that posts 3 or 4 times a day, or do you want to be the only visitor to a blog for the day.

The answers to these questions will help you develop a list of goals for your next book blog tour.

I wish you good luck on your next blog tour! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have. I love answering questions!

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