Britannia: The Roman Province

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Hadrian’s Wall marked the most northerly frontier of Roman civilisation in Europe.

What was it like to be a citizen of the Roman Empire while living at the edge of the world? What was it like to be a Briton observing the marching Romans, the building of roads and forts whose purpose was to conquer their island?

The Romans almost exterminated those who resisted them, but treated others with benevolence. Carrot and stick. The Romans, logical and organised, viewed the Celts as barbaric, not as bad as the Germanic tribes, but still in dire need of civilisation. Britons in the south-east of England became quite Romanised, learned Latin, lived in towns and built villas in the countryside. Those in the west and the north continued to live as had their ancestors, sowing and planting according to the advice of their druids and glorifying a warrior elite.

Find out more to flesh out a story of Roman Britain. The course includes self-quizzes and simple research projects to generate story ideas. Discussion and questions are encouraged, but lurkers also welcome.

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