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There are a lot of magic slingers out there in fictionland. Some follow the old rules, some have new takes on those old rules. And some authors totally reinvent what magic is and how it is used.
But, hey, why not take a pinch from each of those camps and whip up your own brand of magic? People it with wizards, witches, sorcerers, alchemists, mages, or supply a new magic user category to the hierarchy. Keep it pure or stir in legendary characters. Create some new monsters (like dementors).
In other words, make some magic of your own for the world of your magic wielders. The real idea here is to recreate magic in some way. Decide what it can and can’t do, how it is used with this modification, and what price it extracts from the user, if any.
We’ll do it all within 4-weeks. How? By using magic, of course!

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