Consider Self-Publishing Your Book

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by Kelli Finger

I’ve never been one to follow trends or fads. Some readers of this post might be horrified to learn I haven’t read or seen any of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings books or movies. Not for any particular reason; I just never saw the need to do so.

As writers and CEO’s of our publishing careers, it’s important to track the buying habits of readers and the market in general. But the minute you start following a trend, it drops in popularity and something else takes its place.

One of the many things I love about self-publishing is it allows writers to write and publish stories traditional publishing might overlook or pass on. There’s no limit to what you can create; no boundaries to your concept, characters or conflict. I’m teaching two classes on self-publishing next month and in October with the FF&P chapter. To get the discussion started, I thought it fitting to briefly talk about self-publishing and why authors choose that publishing route. Not so much as an alternative to traditional or digital publishing, but either on its own or in tandem with those other paths.

One reason to self-publish is if your book includes tropes and/or a marketing slant unusual or uncommon to traditional publishing. Let me give an example, (all be it a horrible one). Aliens and billionaires. Right…I can’t really see that working from a traditional publishing perspective, but who knows how that book could do. If you wrote the best book possible, hired the best cover artist, editors and formatters and marketed your book to the right audience, it could take off like a rocket. [Sorry, bad joke.]

Seriously though, if you took the time to make your book the best product out there by studying the market, examining cover art, locating specific blogs with readers who love paranormal romance and category romance, you could have success. Several self-published authors have done this many times over.

One such author is Bella Andre with her sexy contemporary romances. Bella has also taken off with her Young Adult series, a series she didn’t expect to take off like it did. Bella also writes sweet romances as Lucy Kevin. With her first released romance written under that pen name, she didn’t reveal her more popular name to readers. That book catapulted her Lucy Kevin name in to the stratosphere.

Another reason you could choose to self-publish is to write in a completely different genre, like erotica. It’s very easy to create a pen name and publish titles under that umbrella. Writing in this new genre can create an independent income stream that might turn out to be more lucrative than your more popular name.

One final reason I’ll give here for self-publishing is you’ve received rights back to books that were previously published. Several authors have published their backlists and continued self-publishing newer titles instead of pursuing traditional publishing contracts. Barbara Freethy is one such author.

If you’ve never self-published but have been interested in this publishing option, I hope you’ll consider joining me next month and in October for my two courses. I promise, you have nothing to fear or feel overwhelmed about. I encourage you to embrace this publishing path and keep an open mind. You might realize what a viable option this could be for your career. Or maybe you won’t. And that’s totally okay. Self-publishing isn’t for everyone that’s for sure. These classes will give you all the tools and resources you’ll need to either start your publishing career or incorporate it in to your current career.

Kelli FingerBio:I’m a fiction writer, editor, public speaker, educator, entrepreneur and a classically-trained vocalist. Recently, I’ve started exploring voiceover acting. I have a Masters of Social Work. I’m a strong advocate for people with disabilities. Writing and singing are my creative passions. Teaching online and in-person workshops of my own design along with  spending time with my friends and family  come in as a close second.History has always been a subject I’ve enjoyed. Every time period and culture has it’s own unique components. I will admit that I’m a huge Anglophile, loving all things British. And if you want to twist my arm so I’ll confess which era of British history I’m a sucker for, my answer would be the Regency period.I live in the US with my fabulous family and group of close friends I wouldn’t trade for the world. I love to laugh and if there’s a Labrador close by, I can’t promise I won’t smother it with kisses.If you want to stay in the know with my workshops, sign up for my workshop-only newsletter:


I’m also the Founder and CEO of Awesome Ink, a business where I serve as the entrepreneur’s ghostwriter. I also provide writing, editing, marketing, social media and virtual assistant services to authors. Contact me at for more information.As Abbey MacInnis, http://www.abbeymacinnis.comI write both historical and contemporary romance. I’ve squirreled away ideas for future stories in unusual time periods, and look forward to writing them.

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