Characters Acting Out of Character: When Good Guys Go Bad (and vice versa)

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11/01/2017 – 11/29/2017

Writers use different methods to get to know their characters and build them for stories. Sometimes we don’t challenge our characters enough. I plan to help students dig deeply into their characters and push them, the characters and the writers, to see what would make them act against their core values and do things they would never choose to do. We can work with characters in current stories or create characters for these exercises. There will be homework. Writers need to make us believe the out of character behavior and understand. We will use some deep point of view and other methods of getting into the characters’ heads. I will have my own characters, a demon and his daughter or a guardian angel. (Speaking of internal conflict, we will create some!)

About the Presenter, Mary Marvella:

Mary Marvella is the author of 6 published novels, 2 novellas, and short stories in 7 anthologies. Mary taught language arts for 15 years. Now she tutors , teaches writers, and edits freelance and for Gilded Dragonfly Books. She has another book that comes out this year.  She lives north of Atlanta, Georgia and writes Women’s Fiction, Romantic Suspense, and Paranormal Romance.  Mary is Southern through and through.

Cost: FFP Members:$25/Non-Members: $30

Characters Acting Out of Character: When Good Guys Go Bad

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