2017 OTFS Winners

FF&P proudly presents the

2017 On the Far Side Winners

Dark Paranormal

1st Place: Heart of Stone by Joanna Becke

2nd Place: The Shift by Galen Mirate

3rd Place: Shadow Walker by Anya J. Cosgrove

Light Paranormal

1st Place: East Pluto by Cheryl P. Rider**

2nd Place: Moon Dance by J. Keely Thrall**

3rd Place: A Cat for Troy by Allie McCormack


Science Fiction/Futuristic

1st Place: Midnight’s Pawn by Heather Greye

2nd Place: Past, Present, and Future: Love in the Land of Fire by Fenley Grant

3rd Place: Death Whisperer by Katherine Matzen



1st Place: The Island by Eliza Fyre

2nd Place: Awakening the Blades by Alexia Chantel

3rd Place: Brainchild by Annette Briggs


Urban Fantasy

1st Place: Wilt by Harlowe Wilde

2nd Place: Forbidden Legacy by Brandye Flowers

3rd Place: Spiked by Cheryl P. Rider


Young Adult

1st Place: On Blade’s Edge by Sherry L. Jesberger

2nd Place: Universe by Erika Cruz

3rd Place: Light and Dark Warrior by Claudia Blood


New Adult

1st Place: Immersed in Shadows by Polly J. Brown**

2nd Place: The Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes

3rd Place: Prime Vector by D.A. Hicks


** denotes full request
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