Creating Great Characters – Becky Martinez

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03/06/2018 – 04/01/2018

Creating Great Characters

Presenter: Becky Martinez 

       Great characters are the foundation of any good story, but how can you come up with characters who make the readers want to keep turning the pages? How can you bring them to life and make them unique and compelling? Get some of the answers from an author who has not only been working on creating great characters, but who has written a number of books and given lectures on just that topic. Learn how to make your characters go from wooden figures or cardboard cutouts to living, breathing, story people with one of the co-authors of the book, Creating Memorable Characters.


Introduction to Creating Characters

A look at the Physical

Don’t ignore the Emotional

Remember your characters’ History

Make your character Develop and Grow

Developing heroes and heroines for various genres

Don’t Forget the villain

Placing your characters within the story

Looking at lesser or secondary characters

Putting it all together

Putting the Characters on the Page

The Final Touches 




About the Presenter, BECKY MARTINEZ

Becky Martinez is the author of full-length romance, mystery and suspense novels, dozens of short stories and novellas as Rebecca Grace. Before embarking on her career in publishing, she was a broadcast journalist who spent her entire career in the world of TV news writing, working as a news producer and manager at a variety of network stations. Her latest mystery novel, Blues at 11, was published by The Wild Rose Press. She is also the co-author of four books on writing, including the new Let’s Write a Story series.


Creating Great Characters

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