Curious Characteristics of Paranormal Creatures

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by Cassy Campbell

“Sorry, I don’t wag.”

Paranormal creatures are a staple of scifi and fantasy worlds.  How could a new world seem like a different place if there aren’t fantastic beasts?  But I wonder, then, why many new and unusual creatures in stories act like familiar and common household pets. 

Have you ever noticed that any animal that befriends a character will immediately act like a cat or dog, wagging its tail or rubbing against the character? Sometimes they even purr, growl, or bark.  They may play bow like a puppy, fetch something for the owner, and pant with their tongues out.

Dragons, for example, are often portrayed as cat-like.  In the movie How to Train Your Dragon, the main dragon Toothless even chases a dot of light like a laser pointer.  He purrs.  He eats fish.  He lashes his tail before he pounces.  He is a large, scaly, hairless cat.  If dragons were real, wouldn’t they be much more lizard-like, or at least more alien, than that?  In the novel Eragon, a story about a dragon rider and his dragon, the dragon had her own alien culture, thoughts, and actions, which might be one of the reasons the book was such a sensation when it was released.  She was a unique and believable character, which was especially important since she had language and thoughts that the reader was privy to.

Maybe this is just a personal pet peeve (pun intended!), but I’ve even seen writers make a horse into a dog, saying that it wagged its tail with enthusiasm, licked the owner’s face to show affection, lay down and cuddled with its owner, responded with snorts and whinnies to the owner’s dialogue, or neighed to warn the owner of impending danger.  It’s not as if horses are impossible to meet on this world, and to anyone who has worked with one, it is immediately obvious that they do none of these things.  To those who argue that alien species may be very similar to domestic animals, my responses would be: should they be? And would they be?

It seems like lazy writing to cop out and use immediately recognizable characteristics of the two most common pet species on this planet.  Some of the most well-done animal characters have none of those things.  They are their own entities.  In the best possible (fantasy or scifi) world, if there is a beast in the story, it should be there for a reason, and be an integral character. It may take a little more explanation or a bit more visualization to make the reader understand what the animal thinks or the reasons behind its actions, but that extra effort pays off in the realization of the creature as a unique character that adds to the story, rather than being a stand-in symbol for ‘loyal mascot’, ‘animal friend’, or ‘comic relief’.  So next time your story calls for a fantastic beast, make it really fantastic!

More About the Author:

Cassy Campbell grew up in the frozen tundra of the Far North. Perhaps not surprisingly, the long dark winters encouraged her love affair with stories from an early age, and one of her favorite things is still curling up under a blanket with a book. She had no idea what she was getting into, but she wrote her first novel and got out of the process alive.  Once she realized that she loved to write stories as much as read them, the world was hers (at least the ones in her books), and the rest is history. She currently lives in the much balmier climate of the Not As Far North where she is, at this moment, likely daydreaming her way through her next story.

You can contact her at: and FACEBOOK

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  1. Comment by Nancy Lee Badger
    March 18, 2017 10:43 am

    A fiction writer using fictional characters (in my case, three dragon-shifter brothers) can make her own rules, and I find this appealing. Making my dragons the heroes in search of mates when female dragons died out turns the tide. Talk about mixing races! An author should have fun with their writing, and make sure they entertain their readers.

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