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When people tell you to write what you know, what better material can you find than your own life?  Think your life is boring or perhaps throbbing with drama better kept private?  Fiction is lies!  You can exaggerate and change events and personalities any way you want and even write under a pseudonym to distant yourself from the material.  The most vital part of this eight-session course is to learn how to translate real life into story and characters that will speak to the experiences of others.  Discover how to identify dramatic details hiding in your mind and how to weave fascinating people and circumstance that will entertain others . . . while you let go and set free both your anxieties and your joys.
Session One Intro & Self-Examination
Session Two Difference of Therapy & Fiction  
Session Three Six Elements of Storytelling & Self 
Session Four Characterization & Self 
Session Five Art of Combining People-You-Know
Session Six Evolving a Story & Conflict 
Session Seven What-If, Thought Association & Reality
Session Eight One Story =Yours

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