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The Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of the RWA Presents the line up of great workshops for January! Click here to see the full line up for 2013!



January 7-February 3, 2013

Deep Story II–Presented by Carol Hughes http://my.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=595

$20.00 for FFnP members and $30.00 for non-FFnP members

Whether you are a Pansters or a Plotter ~ Deep Story’s easy-to-use tips and techniques will forever silence your dreaded Internal Editor and expanding your writing success. In addition, you will learn the Hollywood’s secret to creating complex and believable characters in a matter of minutes. And with Deep Story’s simple writing techniques you will quickly become a master at creating scenes, characters and plots that readers everywhere will fall in love with.

January 7-20, 2013

Series Business — Misty Evans http://my.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=591

$15.00 for FFnP members and $20.00 for non-FFnP members.
No matter what genre, series are in demand by readers and publishers alike. But is writing a series right for you? This workshop will help you:
  • Examine the pros and cons of writing a series
  • Define and evaluate your idea
  • Develop a Series Bible to track plot lines, characters and story arcs
  • Develop a Pitch Bible that includes blurbs, synopses and a story arc to market to agents and editors
  • Turn your series idea into a workable project with tools, templates and one-on-one help
January 7-February 3, 2013

BDSM Basics–Presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer http://my.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=606

$20.00 for FFnP members and $30.00 for non-FFnP members

Whether you’re just picking up the Whip or have been writing D/s novels for some time, this workshop will provide you with the fundamentals necessary to navigate through the vast ocean that is Dominance and submission including definitions, character traits/development, and the various types of relationships possible. Learn the complex intricacies of the Power Exchange and how characters interact compartmentalize and/or incorporate BDSM into their vanilla life as well. Discover how to create the dynamic characters which embody the three common personality types inherent in any typical BDSM relationship as well as the psychological connections which are the fundamental aspects of these emotionally intense relationships. As we dispel the myths and misconceptions perpetuated by the media you’ll be able to create realistic characters and fantastic scenes. Discover the differences between erotic BDSM, Dominance and submission, Masochist and Sadist, and Master/slave relationships. The focus of this workshop is to learn “The Basics”. We will briefly review the BDSM FOR WRITERS CHECKLIST to discover how this valuable tool will assist in creating your characters. We will also conduct various basic exercises to assist you (the writer) to experience a few of the emotional intricacies of Dominance and submission for yourself. This is an interactive discussion with a BDSM expert practitioner.


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