Fiction as Literary Tools

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Literary devices allow fiction writers to manipulate language in a convincing manner that guides the reader. They cannot be blatant but must weave a flawless story. This eight-part course succinctly defines the terminology and provides techniques of 1) General tools such as symbolism, allegory & analogy, exposition, description, prologue and epilogue, 2) Characterizing tools such as action (body language), internalization, dialogue, and exaggeration vs. understatement,  3) Plotting tools such as suspense, foreshadowing, pacing, scene-sequel, goal-motivation-reaction, and 4) Language tools such as subjective vs. objective style, imagery, simile, metaphor, irony, and juxtaposition.

About the Presenter, Sally J. Walker:

Sally Walker’s published credits include literary, romance and western novels, a nonfiction essay collection, several creative writing textbooks, stage plays, poetry, and many magazine articles on the craft of writing, including staff contributions to two international film magazines for 10 years. With 30 screenplays written, several under negotiation at three different studios and her novel-to-screenplay adaptation on her plate, Sally has a well-respected manager representing her in Hollywood. In addition to long time active memberships in such national writing organizations as RWA, WWA and SCBWI, she was president of a state-wide writers organization 2007-2011. She keeps to a strenuous writing schedule and still has time to work as Editorial Director for The Fiction Works, supervising acquisitions and sub-contracted editors, as well as Script Supervisor for material sent to TFW’s affiliated Misty Mountain Productions. Sally has taught writing seminars, both on-site and on-line, for over 29 years and is the facilitator for the weekly meetings of the Nebraska Writers Workshop in Ralston, NE.  For more information on her works and classes go to her website at

Fiction as Literary Tools

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