Five Essential Ingredients for Video Book Trailers

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Author Karina Fabian

Author Karina Fabian

In April, I’ll be teaching a class on Virtual Book Tours, an exciting way to get readers interested in your books.

So are Book Trailers!

So today, I thought I’d share with you the Five Essentials needed for any good book trailer.

1. A tight script. This will make or break your book trailer. You do not need to summarize your book; in fact, even the back-cover blurb can be too much. Your script needs to impart an impression, peak interest, and tease. Let images tell some of the story and music set the mood.  Here’s the 35-word trailer from Mind Over Psyche, which I’ve been told by readers sent them to buy the book:

A Desperate escape

Deryl and Joshua teleport to Kanaan

And he can’t get them home

The Kanaan believe Deryl is God-sent

But will he bring peace

Or destruction?

Can he survive long enough to find out?

2. Copyright-free images. A book trailer is a commercial venture, so you are better off using copyright-free images or your own images. Here are three of my favorite paces to find them:


3. Mood music. Music can change the tone of a video more easily than photos or words. If your music does not match the tone of your words and images, you will create a disconnect in the watcher’s brain, and lose them. Be sure that you don’t just pick music you enjoy, but music that sells your script. To keep the watcher from feeing cut off at the end, choose something short or something you can end on a finishing note. Just like with images, don’t use copyrighted music unless you have purchased the rights. My favorite go-to place for royalty-free music is

4. Cover art, Title, Author name. After all, you want people to find your book in the bookstore.

5. Buy link. This is your call to action. Include it in your trailer, and if you have the skills, add it in when you post on YouTube. Certainly add it into the description.

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In the meantime, I hope to see you in class in April!

Karina Fabian


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