Getting Into Deep Point Of View – Why It’s Important & How To Do It

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If you’ve received a rejection letter or your entries have scored low in a writing contest or reviewers are not taken with your published books there is a strong likelihood that the culprit is a shallow point of view.

Join Black Velvet Seductions founder and Editor-in-Chief Laurie Sanders for an in depth look at deep point of view. Laurie will share insights about what readers (and editors) really want when they buy fiction and will show you through examples, exercises and feedback how to incorporate this important element into your work. In this workshop we will look beyond the basics of viewpoint and examine why it is such an important tool and how to use the deeper nuances of viewpoint to add emotion, texture, motivation, conflict, and drama to a manuscript.

If you’ve taken Laurie’s previous deep point of view workshops, prepare to go even deeper into point of view with this one. This updated workshop will include new material that will show you how to take your deep point of view even deeper to create characters and situations so real they almost live and breathe. Participants of this workshop will also receive Laurie’s editing tip/checklist designed to help you find and fix the areas of weak point of view during the self-editing phase.

At the end of this hands-on workshop you will know what deep point of view is, why it is important to editors and readers. You will be able to spot shallow point of view in your own manuscript and will have the knowledge and skills necessary to deepen the point of view in your own work. This knowledge and skill will inoculate you against one of the most common reasons editors reject manuscripts and readers abandon authors.

Topics covered will include:

  • What readers want from fiction and how deep point of view gives it to them
  • How to recognize passages that are in shallow viewpoint and how to revise them so that they will be deeper, and more meaningful
  • How to decide whose point of view to use for key scenes
  • How to make the most of the viewpoint you choose
  • How to use deep point of view to show the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a character who is not the viewpoint character
  • How to use deep point of view to make your readers empathize with your character even if he or she has done a bad, bad thing

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