How a Rare Disease can add Spice to a Story

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by JoAnne Myers

The study of Lycanthropy, ( Greek word for ‘Lycan’ meaning wolf, and ‘thrope’ meaning man) is a rare condition in which a person has an uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh, or drink human blood. It is vastly scrutinized by psychiatrists.

That was not the case for my hero Detective Nick Difozzio, in “The Tarot Card Murders,” one tale in my crime/mystery anthology, “Flagitious”. When young and virginal homicide victims turn up with human bite marks and drained of blood, this ex-Navy man knew he had a gang of Lycanthropes in his town.

The perception of a link between mental illness and animalistic behavior has been traced throughout the history of folklore from many different countries.

Centuries ago, persons exhibiting bizarre symptoms were written off as the afflicted being melancholy. Nowadays, some doctors refer to Clinical lycanthropy as a psychotic episode caused by another condition such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or clinical depression.

In “The Tarot Card Murders,” Nick is on his own to prove this murderous gang exists. When the Chief of Police, orders him off the case, Nick is left with only his courage, wits, determination and a Voodoo Priestess, to solve these bizarre murders, and save his citizens. 

Documented cases of lycanthrope include the afflicted suffering from the same 4 symptoms; delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech and behavior, such as barking or howling, walking on all fours, and scratching furniture.

In “The Tarot Card Murders”, the gang members are connected by their birthdates, of August 24. The birthstone Peridot, and the Horoscope sign Virgo. Members are kept in line with monetary rewards, intimidation, and threats of death, from the gangs Alfa male and female. The more Nick uncovers, the more personal and dangerous this case becomes. 

If you enjoy reading about lust, lies and deceit, you will love “The Tarot Card Murders”. 

Blurbs for “Flagitious” a four crime/mystery anthology

JoAnne Myers

JoAnne Myers

“Too Solve His Mother’s Murder”

 After his Air Force career was interrupted by his mother’s untimely murder, Steven Moore, returned home. Met with a cold reception of lies, secrets, and threats, he is determined too find Wanda’s killer, even at the cost of his own life.  Was Wanda a victim of the legendary Hatchet Man? Was this loving and devoted mother killed because of her shady past, or for her inheritance?  Between finding the truth and falling in love, Steven stops at nothing, too solve his mother’s murder.

“The Other Couple’s Child”

Charlotte had it all. A loving and devoted husband. Supportive family and friends, and a house full of beautiful children. Everything was perfect for this Super Mom, until a medical procedure turns her life upside down, and spirals into a child abduction case. Time is running out. Will police arrive in time to save Charlotte and the other couple’s child?

“3381 Market Street”

Katherine Sims, a young widow working for a brokerage firm in a small southeastern town, is tired of the excuses concerning Charlie’s absence. She knows something terrible must have happened to her favorite nephew with the sad blue-eyes. After exposing the killer, Katherine’s life is turned upside down and she finds herself fighting for her life. Filled with maniacal suspects, a Satanic Cult, and danger around each corner, this story depicts one woman’s courage too avenge a child’s murder, while finding unexpected love.

“The Tarot Card Murders”

New Detective, and ex-navel man, twenty-six-year-old Nick Difozzio, returns to his small county determined too abolish crime. Not until death knocked on his door, did he know the face of evil. Will the decorated veteran destroy the Lycanthropes, or will he succumb to their murderess desires and become one of them? He took an oath too protect, honor, and uphold the law, but can he defy the lust, riches, and power offered, or are the ‘dark forces’ stronger than his will?

Excerpt from “The Tarot Card Murders”

The Scene:  A tip leads Detective Nick Difozzio to a shady strip joint.

Excerpt:  Making his way backstage, Nick found a maze of young beauties dressing, painting their nails, eating, indulging in liquid courage, and bickering amongst themselves.

“Ernie comes here to see my black ass dance, so you white bitches better keep your hands off my meal ticket.”

A woman Nick learned later was named Yolanda screamed then shouted, “That rich old man is mine.”

Standing her ground with the Zulu warrior, a dancer named Karen said, “I don’t see your name on him, slut. Any man with money is fair game.”

“Oh, really?” Yolanda stood, one-hundred pounds of menace.

“Yeah!” Karen yelled, shoving Yolanda against a vanity.

The other dancers bolted for cover as the fur flew. Hearing the commotion, Emma and two bouncers rushed into the room and pulled apart the battling women. “That makeup table is the last thing you girls will break in my place. You’re both through. Now, get out,” Emma yelled.

Grabbing her tip jar, Yolanda yelled, “Screw you, cow!” and stormed out.

With an equal amount of bad attitude, Karen yanked her duffle bag off the floor. “Yeah! Up yours, Emma.”

“Okay, ladies, the fun is over. Get back to work.” Emma turned to a dancer snorting powder by the doorway. “And if you’re goin’ do that, at least have enough good sense to do it in the bathroom.”

Nick enjoyed the show from the safety of a dim corner. “This line of work sure has a way of changin’ people,” he said.

“And for the worst,” Emma replied, walking out. Sitting quietly at her makeup table the dancer from the stage, searched her purse for a light.

Nick strolled over and offered her his Bic. “You’re the cop lookin’ for Jenny’s killer, ain’t ya?” she asked.

“Yeah. Can ya help me? I can protect you.”

“Like the cops helped Jenny? No, thanks.”

“Jenny talked to the cops?” he asked.

Pushing her sweaty hair from her eyes, she said, “Yeah. It had somethin’ to do with exotic aphrodisiacs. But Jenny was afraid the cops wouldn’t believe her. She said those people were into real creepy stuff. Drinkin’ blood and live sacrifices. Sick, huh?”

“It sure is. If you remember anythin’ else, ring me.” He handed her his business card and left.

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JoAnne Myers lives in Ohio, and works at a local nursing home. The author of 7 books, JoAnne is a member of several writing groups, and canvas paints. JoAnne enjoys time with relatives, and volunteers her time within the community. She has 4 blogs and enjoys spotlighting fellow authors.  JoAnne believes in family values and following your dreams.  Her canvas art can be viewed and purchased here:

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15 Responses to "How a Rare Disease can add Spice to a Story"

  1. Comment by Nancy Lee Badger
    April 27, 2015 5:22 pm

    Werewolves and vampires have always interested me. Thanks for sharing an insight to the disease.

    • Comment by JoAnne Myers
      April 27, 2015 11:10 pm

      Hi Nancy, thank you for having me. All the best to you.

  2. Comment by Mary Roya
    April 30, 2015 2:43 pm

    Very interesting. I read an actual news article where an office of the law was arrested because he use police equipment for persona use.

    He had/has the fetish to eat human flesh. Apparently there is a website that indulges this horrible fantasy. Where members talk about eating flesh and recipes. He had pick an person from the police data base to use as his fantasy.

    Needless to say he was caught. But since he never acted on it they couldn’t charge him. So they got him on using police equipment data.

    • Comment by JoAnne Myers
      May 4, 2015 6:38 am

      Hello Mary, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it. All the best.

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