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Multi-published author Allie Pleiter kept a career up and running during the serious illness of her son as well as several other life challenges. Pleiter shares practical strategies for not only protecting your creativity and productivity when calamity threatens to strangle your muse, but deciding whether to speak or write about your experience.


Session 1 – SURVIVAL 101: Tips for Getting Your Creative Self Out Alive

            – Powerful Questions

            – Short-Term Intense or Long-Term Epic?

            – Strategies for Calm and Gratitude

Session 2 – COMMUNICATION: Who Hears What and When

            – The Inner Circle

            – The Outer Circle

            – Everybody Else

            – Going Pubic: Why or Why Not?

Session 3 – SPEAKING ABOUT IT: Know What’s Worth Sharing

            – What Matters to More Than Just You?

            – Choking up in Public

            – Emotional Fortitude

            – The Difference Between Sharing and Teaching

Session 4 – WRITING ABOUT IT: Putting Your Strife into Story

            – What Matters What Matters to More Than Just Your Experience?

            – Premise: Close to Your Experience or Identical?

            – The Angsty First Draft

            – Other Problems You Might Not See Coming

Session 5 – FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s All Material…

            – When You Hear “Now”

            – When You Hear “Not Yet”

            – Stones in the Jordan River

            – Pearls and Irritants

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