If These Walls Could Talk…

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Author Mychael Black

Author Mychael Black

I’ve always had a love of history–archaeology, specifically.

My first introduction to archaeology was, like most people my age, thanks to Indiana Jones. I grew up with Indy and fell in love with his profession. From there, I dove headlong into research on my own. For many years, I was obsessed with Egyptology and wanted to be an Egyptologist. But then I became interested in the Middle Ages, and the rest was…well…history.

 My love for archaeology and history isn’t solely focused on the UK and Europe, though those areas from about 900 AD to 1300 AD are my forte. Granted, I know much more about them than I do American history of any period, but my love of archaeology involves a passion for old buildings (homes, institutions, hospitals, schools, factories, barns, etc).

I regularly share slideshows of such places on my Facebook page, and my favorite photographer is Seph Lawless – http://sephlawless.com/. He does what I would love to do: go into these old, abandoned places and photograph them as they are now.

I’ve started building a small portfolio of my own, namely homes around the peninsula where I live. I ask myself: who lived there? What were they like? Where did they go? What kind of life did they lead?MBlack1

 These sorts of questions, sparked by the beautiful places I’ve seen (be it in pictures or personally) inspire me on a regular basis. They speak to me on a level that nothing else has ever has, as both author and as a historian. In fact, it’s my love of such places that sparked an entire story, The Candlewood Wraith. I finally got the chance to answer the questions I’ve often wondered, giving my own spin on the former occupants of an abandoned home deep in the woods of a fictional town in Tennessee.

 Authors find inspiration everywhere. We’re like sponges in that regard. For me, music and my love of history have fueled many stories in the past, and probably many more stories to come.

– Mychael Black








Call me Katherine or Mychael–I’ll answer to both. I’m a mother, student, author by trade, and editor by compulsion. I’ve been in the publishing business for several years, namely as a writer but also as an editor on occasion. It never fails, though. I always end up editing eventually.

I’m a proud bibliophile, to which my poor sagging bookcases can attest. I read all the time, namely fantasy and romance.

When not writing or reading or editing, I…eat. Maybe sleep. Or watch Spongebob. Yes. I am a self-proclaimed, thirty-something year old Spongebob Squarepants addict. Much to my roommate’s dismay. It’s fun.

 If you’re curious about what I write (and who wouldn’t be?!), then you can find me below:

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    And what an amazing person you are! So very proud of you!

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