Intro to Social Media: Facebook

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If you’ve never heard of Facebook, heard of it but have not decided if it’s really for you, or have a Facebook account and have no idea what to do with it, this class is for you!

Facebook is the largest social network where a great number of your readers are connecting with other authors right now. How can you leverage the power of Facebook to attract and keep your readers? Well, the first step is to get on Facebook and understand how it works!

How can you use Facebook to advance your writing career and engage with your readers? Join me for this two week and I’ll show you how.



Week One

In week one you’ll….

-set up your free Facebook account

-we’ll discuss the tradeoffs between Pages and Personal accounts

-create and edit your profile

-learn how to use the privacy settings and groups to your best advantage and comfort level of sharing


Week Two

In Week Two you’ll…

-find new connections and connect with your readers and other authors

-share information with your friends and colleagues on Facebook

-explore the writer’s resources available on Facebook


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