Intro to Social Media: Twitter

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If you’ve never heard of Twitter, heard of it but have not decided if it’s really for you, or have a Twtter account and have no idea why all those people are tweeting at you, this class is for you!


Twitter is the largest microblogging platform and is revolutionizing not just author-reader interactions but how we communicate around the globe. How can you use the platform that broke such amazing stories as the 2011 Egyptian revolution and is used as a de-facto emergency communication system for breaking news to attract and entertain your readers? Well, the first step is to get on Twitter and understand how it works! Join me for this two week and I’ll show you how.



Week One

In week one you’ll….

-Set up your free Twitter account

-Create and edit your profile

-Learn how to use the privacy settings to your best advantage and comfort

-We’ll discuss mistakes in tweeting


Week Two

In Week Two you’ll…

-Learn strategies on how to maximize the time you spend on Twitter

-How to find new people to follow—and get them to follow you!

-Review some of the third-party software that allows you to access your twitter account from your computer, phone or tablet.


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