Join or Renew

The FF&P sub-genre was created for Romance Writers of America (RWA) members interested in adding elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal and Time Travel to their romance manuscripts. Membership in FF&P shall be composed of those persons seriously pursuing a writing career, as well as other related professionals, who are members in good standing of National RWA. All individuals embracing the purposes of RWA, and who agree to be bound by national RWA bylaws of FF&P, are eligible for membership.

Dues: New members $20

Renewing members: Renewal dues are $15

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to become a member of FF&P you must also be a member of the Romance Writers of America.

To join or renew your membership in the FF&P Chapter, please visit the RWA FF&P microsite.

  • Sign into the site with your RWA username and password
  • Click “Join Chapter” (this link works for both new and renewing members)

Once your payment is complete, you will receive an email from RWA with instructions on how to join the FF&P forums on the RWA website and how to gain access to the Members-Only section of the FF&P website.