Magical Creatures and Monsters in Enchanted England

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In this workshop, we’ll discuss how the people of the real Middle-Earth viewed nighttime and the spirits and creatures that populated the darkness. MM Pollard will cover these topics during the three-week workshop:

  • Celt and Anglo-Saxon myths about day and night and the influence of day and night on their lives
  • Magical creatures these people believed to exist: ravens, shapeshifters, elves, dwarfs, and the spider monster
  • Balance between good and evil, spirits, and the Church’s efforts to Christianize pagan “liminal moments”

At the end of the workshop, MM hopes students will feel the same sense of the magical world around them that the Celts and Anglo-Saxons experienced more than a millennium ago. With the knowledge her students will gain in this workshop, they will be able to add touches of the magical to their fantasy characters and worlds.

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