Manage Self-Doubt to be Your Best Creative Self – Yvonne Kohano

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04/03/2018 – 04/30/2018

Manage Self-Doubt to be Your Best Creative Self

Presenter: Yvonne Kohano

Self-doubts about our skills and possibilities for success are normal conditions of human existence. Not being able to manage those feelings is NOT. When self-doubt steps in and takes hold, our creativity and productivity flee in the opposite direction.

Think of self-doubt as your psyche’s handicapping system. It protects us from pain, disappointment, and fear. If we doubt, we don’t do. If we don’t do, we might not get hurt. A little protection can be a good reality check, telling us an issue needs more attention. When the psyche over-handicaps, though, it functions like a physical autoimmune response. Self-doubt attacks our drive and our passion.

To manage this delicate balance, it’s important to understand and recognize self-doubt as it applies to us individually. One person’s self-doubt it another person’s welcomed challenge. Turn that negative self-doubt around into a development opportunity, and it becomes a powerful weapon in your creative arsenal.


In this workshop, you will analyze the sources of your self-doubt and develop the tools to turn them into opportunities for your human growth. Specifically, you will:


  • Understand the symptoms of self-doubt, when it is a good defensive mechanism and when it is a disease.
  • Learn to identify the culprit in you and what triggers it.
  • Explore the causes and positive coping strategies for common manifestations, like Imposter Syndrome, overwhelm, Bright Shiny Thing, and perfectionism.
  • Develop a proactive management strategy for those times when overactive self-doubt overwhelms your creative drive.

Don’t let doubts and fears about being a writer overwhelm your creativity. Turn them into a powerplant of energy for change. Learn to manage self-doubt to be your best creative self.



About the Presenter, YVONNE KOHANO:

Award-winning storycatcher Yvonne Kohano enjoys channeling her complex characters in compelling stories to delight readers and keep them up late at night. She writes contemporary romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, and nonfiction guides on writing and creativity.

Teaching and consulting are in her DNA. She loves sharing what she’s learned with other writers as a creativity coach and indie publishing mentor through articles, virtual and face-to-face workshops, and 1:1 support.

In addition to running an indie press, she loves to cook (dedicated foodie), garden (plantaholic), travel (anywhere), and read and learn (anything). Yvonne, Dear Hubby, and their dogs love life in Portland, Oregon, even (especially) when it rains!


Manage Self-Doubt

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