Map Building and Landmass Construction In An Imaginary World

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11/01/2017 – 11/30/2017
Presenter: Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane
It’s easy to tap out descriptions of the landscape upon which your characters gaze, but it’s tougher for the reader when those characters hit the road and take their quest into new lands. That’s when the questions can arise: How far away was this? How long did it take them to get there? What borders of other kingdoms or lands abut and how can you tell when a border has been crossed? Which direction are we traveling and are the directions North, East, South, and West as we know them or are they different? What rivers, streams, brooks will be crossed? What seas are there? What is the climate like and where does it change? What seasons are there? What about mountains, plains, deserts, swamps, cliffs? When is the growing season and where are the most fertile fields located?
And that’s just a start of the sort of questions to be considered worthy of being answered.
In 4 weeks, this workshop will turn your muse’s attention to geography, geologic land mass construction, the weather or atmosphere, architecture, and map drawing. By the finish, distances, landscapes, settlements, cities, harbors, and whatever else will build the landmass of the world in which your story takes place, be it on an alternative world, a different dimension or universe, or a Middle Earth of your concoction, will be on its way to becoming a proper stage on which your characters will play out their assigned parts. There will also be a physical map to hang, if you wish, on your wall.

About the Presenter, Beth Daniels:

Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane, has presented a horde of various online workshops for genre novelists. She’s read a lot of early chapters, and some entire first drafts of completed manuscripts. But one of the most common questions she’s found herself asking of fantasy writers are how long did it take for this journey, what did the characters have to contend with in the way of terrain along the way, is it a continent split into various kingdoms or provinces or an island, what about the landscape affects the lives of the people who live there, of the people who visit or invade there? She always wants to know if there is a map, too. She loves when there is a map!

Cost: FFP Members:$25/Non-Members: $30

Map Building and Landmass Construction In An Imaginary World

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