MARKETING FOR AUTHORS And yes, Facebook is your friend.

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by Mia London

“Writing a book and not marketing it, is like winking at a guy in the dark.

No one knows what you’re doing except you.” – Mia London

Before you roll your eyes, hang in there. I’m confident there are at least one or two tips in this article that will make your read-time worthwhile. So let’s get right to it.

There are several things all authors need to start on the road to success. Here are the Top 3:

  • An email (newsletter) list
  • A landing page (i.e. your webpage)
  • A social media presence

For your email list, begin adding names into a free program like MailChimp. After 2,000 names, start a second list to get around their 24-hour rule and still maintain a free account.

How do I grow my list?

  • The blue button on your Facebook business/author page (under your banner photo) should direct people to your website to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Anytime you do a book signing, give something away that requires capturing the entrant’s name and email address.
  • Use a website, like Fresh Fiction, that will give you the list of entrants whenever you do a giveaway.

Regarding a newsletter, you do not need to break your back. In fact, too much and people tend to ignore it. I personally send out a newsletter about once a month. I want to save the audience’s attention for the important stuff like new releases, sales, and contests.

Initially, your website doesn’t need to look like you’re a Fortune 100 company. I promise. It needs to be pleasing to the eye, professional-looking, not too cluttered, a good mix of pictures and text, and easy to navigate. (These same rules apply to your newsletter.) Your webpage represents you. The basics should include a little about you as an author, your books with covers and buy links, a place for people to sign up for your newsletter, and links to your social media. For your domain name, I highly recommend your author name, i.e. Simple enough for people to find you. Lastly, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, try Website Builder for building and hosting your website. There are several hundred templates to choose from and you can update whenever you want.

Did you know Facebook has 1.79 Billion visitors a month worldwide? This is a number that cannot be denied. If you have only one presence on social media, pick Facebook.

I know some authors use their personal page exclusively on Facebook, in the hopes of having their posts show more easily. However, there are several benefits to having a business page.

1) You are limited to 5,000 friends on your personal page. A business page allows endless followers.

2) You can schedule posts. Too much to do every day? Set aside some time on a given day, say Sunday, and schedule your posts for the upcoming week. Additionally, there are tools, like HootSuite, that allow you to schedule on Twitter, etc. as well. Remember, do not post the same thing on all sites on the same day. For example, you have a great quote from Princess Di. Post it Monday on FB, Tuesday on Twitter, Wednesday on Instagram, etc. Some people do not go on social media every day. This gives them an opportunity to see something different from you on each platform. Make sense? And the magic number is 3—post 3 times a day to increase exposure and reach.

3) You can see how many people view your posts. This is useful if you’d like to reuse a successful post again in the future.

And don’t forget—you can invite a friend to Like to business page just once.

                This is just a little snapshot, but I hope enough to get you on the right track.

                Hey! Did you just wink?


Mia London is an indie author of erotic romance and absolutely loves it. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, and her website is Drop by and say hi. If you have any questions, drop her a line.




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  1. Comment by Maureen
    January 28, 2017 10:19 am

    Great tips! Thank you!

  2. Comment by Mary
    January 28, 2017 12:20 pm

    Thank you! Now I just need to DO IT1

  3. Comment by Michele Mills
    January 29, 2017 3:39 pm

    And most importantly- you can run FB ads from your business page!:)

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