Nine senses of Paranormal Characters

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Paranormal characters, like their human readers, have nine senses.  Not five or six, but nine.  There are five physical senses (Sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste) and four psychic senses (Intuition, seeing with the third eye, hearing telepathically, and feeling empathically).

Each sense brings strengths and vulnerabilities.  Imagine what heavy metal music would be like for a strong telepath who counts on hearing the still small voice within for guidance—or what flashing disco lights are like for aura readers.   Of course, psychic vision’s a huge help if you’re blindfolded in the trunk of a car.

And paranormal writers can even take away senses, wounding a character or making him strong in one sense but totally at someone’s mercy in another way.

In this month-long workshop, Mary O’Gara will lead you through the strengths and weaknesses of each of the senses and show you how to create intriguing paranormal characters, characters to whom your human readers can relate, using the nine senses (or their absence) as core character traits.


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