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When it comes to writing Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal stories there is far more than merely deciding on height, build, coloring, past experiences, and hopes and dreams when building a character.
Oh, sure, you’ve still got all that, but it’s expanded! Seven-foot-tall might make a character horizontally challenged in his hometown. Slim and svelte might be considered overweight. They could have blue or green or teal toned skin and that skin could be transparent! Family or love lives on their planet may be so important, their clans never mix or…well, lots of things!
You get to decide. You get to play goddess of creation for the world of your story and that means fun, fun, fun, and fret, fret, fret. Hey, a goddess also has that mother stuff to deal with in regards to the beings she only gives life to on the screen of her PC or Mac, on that pad of paper, or on the tablet.
In 4-weeks we’ll build main characters, their friends, family and enemies. Some of them might even be humans from the planet Earth or beings living among those humans. Some will live in distant worlds, in other universes. Some will live in a Middle Earth clone, in Faeryland, on Olympus or across the River Styx. We’ll build them, too.
Although we won’t be plotting a story, as the best stories are those that grow from the characters within them, maybe we WILL be building part of that story.

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