Plotting from Character

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Have no idea what to do with your characters? Do you have a story but no idea how to structure the plot? This workshop covers some ideas on how to create the story from the inside out. Plotting from character can not only give you a more inventive story, it can also be a more fun story to write.

What we’ll cover:

1) Starting at the deepest point: for every character, find that person’s core need.

2) Keeping the Focus of the story:  one character’s specific growth.

3) Goals and Motivations — going beyond cliché with your characters.

4) How to use secrets that a character has (maybe even one that stays hidden).

5) Setting up conflict, inside and out, with your characters’ history–and those goals and motivations.

6) Leaving room for characters (and plots) to surprise you.

7) Using layers for plot twists – Conflict, Conflict, Conflict

8) Playing the “what if” game whenever you get stuck.

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