POV: Going Deep And Staying There

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It doesn’t matter if you write first-person narrative or third-person with multiple viewpoint characters—getting deep inside a POV character’s head is the key to writing stories that grab readers by the ba…uh…heartstrings, no matter what genre you’re writing. In this workshop, each participant will have a chance to examine the different genre expectations of POV, look at the pros and cons of each POV technique, and then take his or her own work-in-progress, a finished work, or a favorite published work and deconstruct it to take the POV deep and keep it there. Each workshop participant will receive personal feedback through a series of weekly assignments.


Lesson 1: POV–One of the Most Important Decisions You’ll Make

Lesson 2: POV and Genre (and a few words about head-hopping)

Lesson 3: Options, Pros, and Cons

Lesson 4: Hands-On Tips and Tricks to Deepen POV—Part 1 of 6

Lesson 5: Hands-On Tips and Tricks—Setting and Narrative, Part 2 of 6

Lesson 6: Hands-On Tips and Tricks—Action, Part 3 of 6

Lesson 7: Hands-On Tips and Tricks—Visceral Reactions, Part 4 of 6

Lesson 8: Hands-On Tips and Tricks—Dialogue, Part 5 of 6

Lesson 9: Hands-On Tips and Tricks—Internal Dialogue, Part 6 of 6

Lesson 10: Third-Person Multiple POV (three or more POVs)

Lesson 11: POV Hodgepodge and Wrap up

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