He Said, She Said Definine Your Characters with Dialogue – Nov ’24


Instructor: Cynthia Owens
Start Date: Monday, November 4, 2024
End Date: Friday, November 29, 2024
Type: Group.io
Duration: 4 Weeks
USD Fee: FF&P Member – $15; Non-Member – $20

If you’re like most writers, you’ve probably taken a number of classes and read even more about writing snappy dialogue. That’s not this class. This class will focus on using dialogue to define your fictionals.

Workshop Schedule:
• Welcome and Introduction
• Lesson One – What is Dialogue and What Should it Do?
• Lesson Two -Who Are You? Your fictional’s background.
• Lesson Three -Accent-uate Your Dialogue – Using accents
• Lesson Four – The Eyes Have It – Eye Dialect
• Lesson Five – Tag, You’re It! Dialogue Tags vs. Action Tags
• Lesson Six – Breaking the Narrative – How narration can enhance Your Dialogue
• Lesson Seven – Actions Speak Louder – Using body language as dialogue
• Lesson Eight – Breaking the Narrative
• Included in the class is a workbook with resources, worksheets, checklists, and more.

About the Instructor:

I believe I was destined to be interested in history. One of my distant ancestors, Thomas Aubert, reportedly sailed up the St. Lawrence River to discover Canada some 26 years before Jacques Cartier’s 1534 voyage. Another relative was a 17thCentury “King’s Girl,” one of a group of young unmarried girls sent to New France (now the province of Quebec) as brides for the habitants (settlers) there.