Honey, There is something Not Exactly Human at the Door – Jun ’24


Instructor: Beth Daniels
Start Date: Monday, June 3, 2024
End Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Type: Group.io
Duration: 4 Weeks
USD Fee: FF&P Member – $15; Non-Member – $20

With the interest in Fantasy stories riding a high it’s probably never enjoyed—ever(!), the call of creation beckons to writers who never thought they’d want to write in this genre. I know, ‘cause I’m one of them.

It isn’t merely the created landscapes, the magic, the fairytale feel of it all, in fantasy the cast is sometimes lucky to have humans on the payroll. That’s what this month is about: creating or recreating beings that might be shape changers, might have their beginnings in ancient religions and holy texts. Might have been part of scary stories told at a peasant’s fireside, possibly the first tales with a warning integrated in them: don’t go into the forest for beings that will kill and possibly eat you (and not necessarily in that order) live within it. And then there are the beings from other planets, other dimensions, perhaps even other universes!

Peopling your fantasy niche choice with cast members even devoted fantasy readers will be surprised to meet is definitely a required element in 21st century fantasy. Oh, sure, you can use the canon for the type of character hired for your story, however, to really snag attention, having far more cast members who don’t follow all the rule of that canon is what will set your stories apart!

So join me in the lab this month and tinker with the makeup of the characters who will people your book, serve as partners, as transportation, or even land on the dinner table, though the ones who land the Main Character slots will be of even more interest! It’s Creation time, and you’re the one doing the picking and choosing!

About the Instructor:

Beth Daniels currently writes standalone historical romantic suspense but also pens urban fantasy/mystery/comedy series as J.B. Dane and is completing a Weird West Steampunk trilogy as Nied Darnell. When she dived into writing sagas that continued past a single title, she felt for a bit like she’d stepped into quicksand. Fortunately, there was solid footing (her 29 previously published standalone books—though she’s up to 38 now with 39 out this Fall) to keep her head above the muck as she worked out what needed to be done a bit differently with a series.

Now with her urban fantasy series poised to be five books into a six-book set plus numerous prequel novellas running ahead of the novels, and an Indied paranormal lite romantic mystery comedy four-book set launched back in 2021, she’s become a firm believer in tied together title runs.