She Nodded Her Head Up and Down In Agreement – Jun ’24


Instructor: Eilis Flynn
Start Date: Monday, June 3, 2024
End Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Type: Group.io
Duration: 4 Weeks
USD Fee: FF&P Member – $15; Non-Member – $20

She Nodded Her Head Up and Down In Agreement: Simple ways to cut words, streamline your work, and make your story shine.

Ever looked at a 70,000-word limit and despaired of trimming your 85,000-word book to fit? It’s easy if you know how. Veteran editor and author Eilis Flynn gives you tips and tricks to make your story the length it needs to be and shows you how to be on the lookout for phrases that just slow your story and — worse! — clog up your word count. The workshop includes the latest Litany of Illiteracy, her constantly updated list of words and phrases to avoid.

About the Instructor:

Eilis Flynn has spent a large chunk of her life working on Wall Street or in a Wall Street-related firm, so why should she write fiction that’s any more based in reality? She spends her days aware that there is a reality beyond what we can see and tells stories about it. Published in other genres, she lives in Seattle with her husband and the ghosts of spoiled rotten cats. During the day, she’s an editor working with veteran authors and novices.