Write from Where? – Jun ’24


Instructor: Christina Rich
Start Date: Monday, June 3, 2024
End Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Type: Group.io
Duration: 4 Weeks
USD Fee: FF&P Member – $15; Non-Member – $20

The writing process can be daunting, especially knowing where to start. Some say just go for it, free write wherever you want. Some say write from the middle. Others advise writing the ending first. Let’s not forget about starting with the Happily Ever After.

BUT what about the beginning? After all, it is the natural progression of things, or is it? This workshop will explore the benefits of each “where”, why they are important to plotting your story and how they can help writing the dreaded synopsis. This workshop will also explore the possible ways to begin your beginning. AND as a bonus, attendees will get a look at the plotting guide Christina uses when beginning a new story.

About the Instructor:

Christina is a Mult published author in historical romance and nonfiction. She loves brainstorming new ideas and being challenged to step out of preconceived boxes. Her first contract stemmed from a query letter contest, and she has sense sold multiple stories based on winning premises. Christina lives in Kansas with her family and two cats, where she enjoys woodworking, photography, and gardening.