Pump Some Iron, Pump up Your Writer Health

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Author Cathryn Cade

Author Cathryn Cade

Before I begin my post, a quick note to say I’m signing off as co-host of the FF&P Blog as of October 1st. It’s been great co-hosting this year with author Nancy Badger. I’ve met so many authors and teachers of  the craft of writing, and learned from each of you. Can’t wait to see what my successor has lined up for us in the months to come. 

September has been Writer Fitness month on the FF&P Blog!

We’ve heard from several noted authors on how they stay healthy and fit in spite of their hectic writing and publishing schedules. If you missed their posts on treadmills desks, standing desks, hiking and exercise classes to stay fit and open your creativity, be sure to check these valuable tips. 

So what’s my favorite writer fitness advice? To boost your fitness, your mood and avoid those pesky physical problems that plague those of us who spend hours each day on the computer … pump some iron!

In other words, lift weights. 

I began lifting weights 20 years ago, because I wanted to be stronger and more fit. I was also on and off medications that can cause bone loss, so my doctors recommended I take extra calcium and get plenty of weight-bearing exercise. Walking, cycling and working with weights are my choices.  

I was such a rookie! I’d read magazines that promised the body of Wonder Woman through fitness activities, but I hadn’t the faintest idea how to go about using weight machines or free weights. So I hired a fitness coach for several sessions. I learned a lot, and you can too.

There are many gyms and fitness centers with programs especially for women. Our bodies are different from mens’ (no kidding, right?) This means we should use lighter weights and different techniques. These can include cable machines, medicine balls, and more.

We should also combine cardio, such as walking, bicycling, etc. And get outdoors as often as we can. Nothing like fresh air and nature to center me. My golden retriever, Copper, is always up for a walk, and he gets me out the door when I’d rather be lazy. Best workout partner ever!

Have I always been faithful to a workout routine? Nope.

But here’s what happens when I slack off, whether because of illness, a move, a deadline, or surgery … or excuses.

  • My mood goes first–I have a tendency toward depression. The surest cure for me? The endorphins and increased circulation which are the happy result of a good workout with weights and cardio.
  • I get so tense I want to scream–Let’s face it, being creative and our own boss is not always kittens and rainbows. It’s amazing how shoving heavy things around can work out tension and snappiness! 
  • Aches and pains appear–my back, my shoulders, my neck
  • My right hand and wrist begin to bother me after a few hours of writing and using the mouse–aches, stiffness, tenderness, etc. Getting back to my weight routine fixes me right up. 
  • My clothing gets tight–working with weights tightens the core, keeping muscles strong and organs where they should be, instead of sagging down and out.
  • Menopause begins to feel like a life sentence instead of simply a phase of life. Need I say more about this one??

Note: Start with light weights, listen to your body and get a coach if available. They can get you started the right way, and give you new routines when yours gets stagnant. There are also many resources available online, but do check the credentials of the person giving advice.  

Cathryn Cade writes red hot romance from the beautiful lake country of North Idaho. Her science fiction romances, including the Orion Series, LodeStar Series and Frontiera Series, have been Amazon SFR best-sellers. Romantic Times said ‘While there may be some sci fi romances from the big NY pubs, it’s among the independent presses where the genre is thriving, with authors like Cathryn Cade.”

Cathryn now self-publishes SFR, contemporary and paranormal romance. Her latest story, DARK RUNNER, debuted in the best-selling box set SCI FI NIGHTS; ALPHA BAD BOYS & WILD GIRLS OF FUTURISTIC ROMANCE.  She is also a member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade and her work appears in the best-selling box set NEBULA NIGHTS.

Connect with Cathryn at  http://www.cathryncade.comhttp://twitter.com/CathrynCadehttp://cathryncadesblog.blogspot.com/https://www.facebook.com/cathryncade.author

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  1. Comment by Nancy Lee Badger
    September 29, 2014 10:26 am

    I am watching my food intake since I gained a few pounds during my recent 9 day trip to New England, but when you eat out every meal, it can be a challenge. A trip to my sister’s house several times this week, to use her treadmill, will help.

    On a side note, I am sad to see you go as my cohort on this blog. Luckily, you have found STEFANIE WORTH to fill your shoes as FF&P Blog Co-Chair. welcome, Stefanie!

    • Comment by Cathryn Cade
      September 29, 2014 11:40 am


      Sounds like you’re doing the right things. Thanks again for being a mentor, and I’ll add my welcome to Stefanie Worth.

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