Putting Your Prose under the Knife

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You’ve decided to play surgeon and cut the fat (verboseness) from your baby (your manuscript). In this four-week workshop (8 lessons), MM Pollard will show you where and how to cut the excess without too much pain and agony.  In lessons titled Pass me the Machete, Editor; Next, the Pruning Shears; and Triage for Your Wounded Story you’ll learn how to cut large portions of your manuscript and how to repair the holes left by the massive cutting.  The focus narrows to smaller cuts in lessons titled Slash Wordy Sentences, Clip Wordy Phrases, Snip Wordy Words Here, Snip Wordy Words There, and Suture in Better Word Choices.  No writer likes to cut, but your characters and your editor will thank you.

 Reward for doing your homework: MM will offer feedback on all assignments submitted when due. Think of homework as opportunities for mini-edits by an editor (MM).   



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