Schmoozing 101

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08/01/2017 – 08/30/2017

Some people call it networking. Some people, however, think that’s far too sterile a name for something that can be so fun in a business which is so creative.

Schmoozing. That’s what we do. And we do it sincerely. When we mosey up to the book editor to introduce ourselves, we aren’t there because this is just another person in the industry. We’re there because we know that this is a person with something interesting to say. Agents, editors, authors: they all have something to offer. Their experiences, their insight. All we have to do is listen and learn.

Schmoozing 101 will help teach the participants how to make the unapproachable, approachable. We will learn how to make sure the people we talk to will know our names and remember our faces.

Whether it’s an in-person meeting, an e-mail that has to be sent, or a phone call that must be made, this class will help writers know what to say, when to say it and how to say it. The

next time you run into that famous face, they will smile and ask how you are doing.

This workshop would cover topics such as to conduct an interview, both in person, by phone and by e-mail. It will discuss not only should we attend a conference, but what we should do once we get there, what should we say and how we should act.

According to The Esquire Group, networking allows you to be in a position to win and be in with the decision makers who are making things happen … “

Writers, who by the very nature of their work are alone most of the time, will want to take Schmoozing 101 to learn what to do and what to say to those real live people in our business that we eventually have to face.

About the Presenter, Jacqui Jacoby:

A working writer who raised three kids through every stage of childhood while maintaining her career, Ms. Jacoby studied the aspects of time management and goal setting through numerous live courses she attended and even more book she read. With her infamous computerized day planner, Miguel with her every step of the way, the kids grew up fairly normal and the books and articles and blogs and … they all got done.

Now, with the kids grown, she managers her career and her own firm Body Count Productions, Inc with several authors requesting representation.

She is a workshop teacher who has appeared both live and online to give such classes as “From Austin to Aliens: How to Create Classic Tough Chicks” and “Behind the Scenes: The Research Before the Book.”

First Place Winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award in Excellence, as well as the Suzannah and the Dixie for her books, she is a RWA Golden Heart Finalst and the author of two published novels, with three more finished and slated for publication by the summer 2016.

Schmoozing 101

Cost: FFP Members:15.00/Non-Members: 25.00

Schmoozing 101

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