Separating my Vampires From the Masses by Brooklyn Ann

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SONY DSCWith the popularity and variety of vampire stories out there, it was crucial for me to develop my own unique mythos to differentiate them from the rest. As I developed my vampires’ characters and world-building for my historical paranormal “Scandals With Bite” series and my Urban Fantasy “Brides of Prophecy” series, I focused on their origins, strengths and weaknesses, and their form of government.


In BITE ME, YOUR GRACE (Scandals With Bite, Book 1), Ian Ashton, Lord Vampire of London, tells his mortal bride of a legend that vampires were fallen demons, banished to earth by Satan because they weren’t evil enough. Most vampires scoff at the myth, but in my “Brides with Prophecy” series, they discover that there is more truth to it than they could imagine.


My vampires are NOT animated corpses. They have a preternatural mutation, so they’re perfectly alive. They have heartbeats and can even eat and drink minimal amounts. Garlic and crosses don’t affect them, and they have a multitude of powers from immortality, superhuman strength, speed and heightened senses. Some can even fly.


My vampires cannot go out in the sunlight without burning to a crisp. They can be killed by major heart damage or decapitation. They’re also sterile. They can do the deed, but they can’t have babies. They need human blood to survive, though they’re forbidden to kill mortals.


Globally, all vampires are ruled by a council of Elders in a sort of Ogliarchy. They designate wealthy and powerful vampires to be Lords and rule over various territories. The government is like a cross between feudalism and bureaucracy.

The Lord Vampires in turn select a Second, Third, and sometimes Fourth in command to aid him or her in ruling over the people. Most of the older vampires are also employed by the lord to serve as guards, fighters, spies, and household servants. 

The remaining vampires are pretty much left to make their own lives as long as they obey the laws and serve the Lord Vampire if he so commands. The youngest vampires obey their older mentors.

If a vampire wants to move to a different territory or Change a mortal, he or she must petition their Lord Vampire. A Lord Vampire must petition the Elders for these things as well as other matters such as designating their Second in command to rule in their stead.

It has been a joy to create my vampires and play in their fascinating world. I’m learning more about it with every book I write.

Cover montage Scandals with BiteAuthor Bio:

A lover of witty Regencies and dark paranormal romance, Brooklyn Ann combines the two in her new vampire series. The former mechanic turned author lives with her family in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. She can be found online at


He wanted her off his hands… Vincent Tremayne, the reclusive “Devil Earl,” has been manipulated into taking rambunctious Lydia Price as his ward. As Lord Vampire of Cornwall, Vincent has better things to do than bring out an unruly debutante.

Now he’ll do anything to hold on forever American-born Lydia Price doesn’t care for the stuffy strictures of the ton, and is unimpressed with her foppish suitors. She dreams of studying with the talented but scandalous British portrait painter, Sir Thomas Lawrence. But just when it seems her dreams will come true, Lydia is plunged into Vincent’s dark world and finds herself caught between the life she’s known and a future she never could have imagined.

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