Step Away from the Computer: Tips to get Your Body Moving

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Author Beth Barany

Author Beth Barany

Since we writers sit for our profession, if we want to stay healthy, we need to counter all that sitting with movement.

 In this article, I’ll cover some of the tools and techniques I use to get me moving. I share these with you from my perspective as an amateur athlete and having completed four sprint triathlons. I’ve also done cardio kickboxing and love going on power walks with my walking buddy. Now I practice capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. I’m into my third year and received my second belt this past spring.

#1: Find a Movement Practice that You Love

This may take some trial and error on your part, if you’re not sure. Go with what you’re interested in, even if it’s unconventional. I thought I would like dancing, but I’m actually more motivated by the fight aspects of working out. Capoeira is fight-dancing, so perfect!

#2: Go Outdoors

We humans need the sunshine and fresh air as much as any other creature on the planet. Get outside! Wear sunscreen, where a hat, or wrap up. In most cases, and in most habitats, we have no excuse to get outdoors. Being in nature, or even outdoors in an urban environment, gives us the important Vitamin D, even when the sun is covered in clouds or fog.

 #3: Make it Simple

No need to wait for the right equipment or the fancy paraphernalia. If you find yourself procrastinating, go for a walk, put on some music, or go garden. I don’t know about you, but the more complicated it is to work out, the easier it is to say, “Forget it!” Simple includes making it easy to get to the work out spot, like on the way to and from work, or in the neighborhood that’s easy to get to.

 #4: Have a Buddy

I spend so much time alone; I want to be social, so I walk with a buddy and workout in a group setting when I do capoeira. Ask a friend, find a fun class with others.

Playing capoeira

 #5: Regular is Better than Sprinting

If you haven’t been moving a lot lately, start with small steps. If you need structure, there are many walk-to-run apps, typically called “Couch-to-5K,” that can guide your progress.

 #6: Track Your Success

If you want to feel like you’re making progress, track it. I use a Couch-to-5K app and also a work out app called “Just 6 Weeks” for strengthening. They keep track of my progress for me. Nice!

 #7: Make it Fun

Lastly, make it fun. If it’s not fun I don’t go back. Even if the workout is hard – I like to sweat! – you don’t need to go beyond your limits. Go as far as you want, but not so

far you’ll pull a muscle, all the while enjoying the movement.

 Your Turn: What kind of movement would be fun, simple, and be something you can maintain over time? Go!

c. 2014 Beth Barany

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