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The Editing Dilemma – Becky Martinez

Posted on Feb 11, 2018 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Workshops · Workshops-Upcoming

05/08/2018 – 06/04/2018  THE EDITING DILEMMA Presenter: Becky Martinez You’ve written “The End” to your story and now you’re ready to send it out. Wait! Not so fast. You need to spend some time making certain that your final product is the best you can produce. Don’t let a great story get rejected because you [Read more…]

“The Best Advice I Ever Received” — Rebekah Ganiere

Posted on Jun 16, 2016 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

After I wrote my first three books at 150,000 words a piece and each taking me only a month to write, I decided to head to a convention to see if I could land an agent. My husband took me to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference and at that time I was confident that my [Read more…]

Clean Writing (A Diet for your Book)

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 by   18 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

by Kerri Nelson Over the past year, I’ve been learning about and attempting to practice Clean Eating.  It is all about eating real foods versus packaged foods.  Keeping it clean with healthy fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  Sometimes I do well and sometimes not.  After all, I’m only human and there are times when chocolate [Read more…]

Writing Tight Editing for Impact by Diana Cosby

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 by   8 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

Editing is the writer’s opportunity to tighten their work to ensure each word works, each sentence counts, and each chapter supports their story and propels it forward. As with anything you do in life, your perspective makes it dull or fun.  Allow the excitement that inspired you as you wrote the rough draft to fuel [Read more…]

Slaying Dragons by Jane Kindred

Posted on Aug 7, 2014 by   14 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

There are writers—some very famous and successful ones—who don’t believe in writer’s block, who think it’s a sign of an amateur or someone who isn’t committed to their craft. To that, I say bollocks. (It’s one of my favorite words, so I try to fit it in wherever I can.) These writers may never experience [Read more…]