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Snappy Patter by Michele Drier

Posted on May 3, 2018 by Guest Blogger   5 Comments | Posted in Blog

DIALOGUE a.k.a SNAPPY PATTER…   Introduces and deepens characters Displays their motivations Moves the plot Dialogue carries most of the weight in genre fiction. Much like a screenplay or script, it enables the reader to get to know the characters, follow and understand their interaction, and learn, through their eyes, the action and plot. Dialogue [Read more…]


Posted on Apr 26, 2018 by Guest Blogger   No Comments Yet | Posted in Blog

by Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane, Nied Darnell Did you know that, since the Kepler telescope went looking for rocks like the one we call “home” (you know, Earth) and other fairly round things orbiting the Sun, 2652 new-to-us exoplanets have been discovered in the vast Out-There? At least, that’s the count as [Read more…]

Interview with Agent Nephele Tempest from the Knight Agency

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 by Nancy Lee Badger   4 Comments | Posted in Blog

Please welcome Nephele Tempest to our blog. She is here to give our readers a new perspective from the other side. Please tell my readers a little bit about you, such as why did you become an agent? Nephele– I came to agenting somewhat accidentally and through a circuitous route. Right out of college, I went [Read more…]

8 Steps for a New Year of Writing

Posted on Dec 28, 2017 by Nancy Lee Badger   No Comments Yet | Posted in Blog

New Year’s Eve parties are around the corner, and the holiday decorations are ready to be boxed away. I cannot find a single gingerbread cookie in this house, while my cat, Blaze, still plays with a satin gift bow.  Everyone is making and posting New Year’s resolutions. A new year means different things to writers. Will [Read more…]

Sensitive Feelings and Thick Skins by Karen McCullough

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 by   12 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

Early in my writing career – more years ago than I even want to think about— a wise older author warned me that if I wanted to have a career as a published author I’d need to grow a thick skin. That seemed a bit odd to me since I knew most authors were actually [Read more…]

Keeping Mythology Fresh in a Modern Setting

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 by   8 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

by Ally Broadfield There’s a lot of wonderful mythology-based fiction set in modern times, especially for the middle grade and young adult markets. The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, the Forgive My Fins and Oh My Gods series’ from Tera Lyn Childs, and Aimee Carter’s The Goddess Test series to name a few. How [Read more…]

Romance Your Social Media Campaign with Pinterest

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 by   14 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

by Giulia Torre  What? You’ve never heard of Pinterest? Pinterest (like a digital bulletin board, where you can ‘pin’ what interests you) has four primary elements:  the images you pin (‘pins’) the description of your images (text that can be located in searches) a web link to the source of the image (outside of Pinterest, [Read more…]

Searching for an Agent — What To Consider

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 by   11 Comments | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

by Diana Cosby ©2014 In today’s competitive writing market, many authors are seeking an agent, and with good reason.  Most major publishing houses accept agent-only submissions, which nearly closes the door to unagented work.  In addition, contracts are written to favor the publishing houses.  A good agent not only deciphers the legal jargon, but negotiates [Read more…]

One month left until we ring in 2015

Posted on Dec 1, 2014 by   No Comments Yet | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

     Time to make a couple of New Year’s Resolutions!   FF&P is ready to help. We are offering two on-line workshops that start January 5th. Sign-up now and be ready to improve your career!   POV: Going Deep and Staying Put-An Interactive Workshop It doesn’t matter if you write first-person or third-person multiple [Read more…]