The Editing Dilemma – Becky Martinez

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05/08/2018 – 06/04/2018 


Presenter: Becky Martinez

You’ve written “The End” to your story and now you’re ready to send it out. Wait! Not so fast. You need to spend some time making certain that your final product is the best you can produce. Don’t let a great story get rejected because you haven’t taken the time to give it the proper final look.

Learn how to edit your story to get rid of unnecessary words, to add stronger verbs or to improve your dialogue. Learn how to make certain your chapters end at the right place and how hooks can keep the reader going. Find out how to make certain your manuscript is polished before it heads out the door. We’ll discuss the editing process with a first look at how to eliminate common problems, go through grammar issues and pick out those corrections that are easy to fix but also easy to miss. We’ll look at openings, individual chapters, scenes and make certain your ending is as strong as possible.

Overview – The Editing Process

First Look

Eliminating Common Problems

Grammar Issues

Easy Corrections

Spotting Flabby Writing


Sentence Structure

Strengthening your Writing

Adverbs/Using stronger verbs

Let’s talk Dialogue

Looking at Scenes


Chapter & Scene Hooks

The second pass – inside issues

The Third pass – let’s look at pacing

Final Pass – The polishing process \ One Last Read through


About the Presenter, BECKY MARTINEZ:

Becky Martinez is the author of full-length romance, mystery and suspense novels, dozens of short stories and novellas as Rebecca Grace. Before embarking on her career in publishing, she was a broadcast journalist who spent her entire career in the world of TV news writing, working as a news producer and manager at a variety of network stations. Her latest mystery novel, Blues at 11, was published by The Wild Rose Press. She is also the co-author of four books on writing, including the new Let’s Write a Story series.


The Editing Dilemma

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