Top 10 Reasons to take the Anthropology, Archaeology & Romance Writer Workshop

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by Darlene Reilley

Hi! I’m really excited to be here! Thank you for being so warm and welcoming. I’d love to share with you my love of anthropology and the top 10 reasons to take this workshop. This fun, inclusive workshop will merge my two loves: writing and anthropology! If you’re a writer who wants to deepen characters, culture, or societies within your novels, this workshop is for you! I’ve prepared exclusive hand-outs and prompts for this class! We’ll discuss all aspects of anthropology—cultural anthropology, archaeology, physical/biological anthropology, and linguistics.

You’ll get a peek into the minds of anthropologists and archaeologists and have exclusive access to content created during my Capstone Course at Pacific Lutheran University where I earned my B.A. in anthropology.

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The Top 10

10_You’re really into myths and legends. In my research, I’ve come across tons of cultures, legends, symbols, and have two file cabinets with details. Please, pick my brain. I do this because I love talking with writers and want to help you make your cultures as unique as the Sumerians!

9_You need a kick in the writer pants and want a fun adventure that reconnects you with your writing and characters. I’ve been motivating writers since 2009. I know what it takes to get you past challenges and over hurdles.

8_You want to explore a science, but want to do it in a fun way. I’ve set this workshop up in a unique way to help you bring out your inner creative writer. This is a choose-your-own adventure. You can pick how deep you want to dig by choosing a character and level of difficulty. You could be an Explorer and just stick your toes in the anthropological water, have a Normal adventure with a bit of challenge and learn about the depth of cultures of our world, or you can be Crushing it by going full-on into the exploration of our people.

7_You want to look at case studies and know what the significance of those studies are. We’ll explore one case study per week and look at a different aspect of culture.

6_Taboos. Want to know what the one universal taboo is? Everything else tries to be this, but they all fall short, save one…

5_Linguistics. There are up to 7,000 different languages spoken around the world. There are extinct and endangered languages. One thing that makes us unique is our ability to communicate This is one subfield of anthropology that gets the smallest coverage, but everyone from Dan Brown to Ted Chiang uses it effectively.

4_Cultural anthropology. You want to know what makes people different and the types of societies that exist in our world. The coolest thing about anthropology is it is all-encompassing – and there are so many examples of intriguing cultures! My top five favorite cultures are the ancient hunter-gatherers, the !Kung, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Sumerians. The most interesting thing I learned was why an ethnographer embeds in cultures for two plus years at a time – and where they keep their field notes.

3_Biological/Physical. Have you heard of Bones? Kathy Reichs’s character typifies the forensic archaeologist, but there is more to biological anthropology than bones! I’ll share the hardest moments of Biological Anthropology 101 and what it feels like to walk into an anthropology lab and be greeted by two skeletons: one wearing a bow-tie and the other a lei.

2_Archaeology. Indiana Jones is your hero! I love Indiana from his fedora-wearing head to his bull whip and I don’t care what anyone else says [yes, I got teased for having him as a role model…and more than one lecture about why he doesn’t qualify as an archaeologist]. I’ll share the difference between antiquarians, archaeologists, and relic hunters. We’ll explore my favorite dig, where it is, and why I love it. Side note: all archaeology students have a favorite. They’ll tell you about them if you buy them a beer.

1_You want insights into the mind of an anthropologist. I wanted something solid to base my writing on – I wanted to create characters that were deep and cultures that had a long history. By taking the time to learn anthropology, I created a character who lives and breathes it. My character is Gaea, a half/goddess/half-alien amnesiac left to the care of Earthlings. I’ll share insights into the ancient goddess cultures, and if you want, a paper I wrote on the way we view ancient goddess cultures.

Hi. I’m Darlene Reilley. I’m a science fiction writer and anthropology renaissance woman. I have spent my life researching ancient civilizations, starting with the Egyptians. I blame my love of adventure on King Tut. It was all his fault. I received my B.A. in anthropology from Pacific Lutheran University where I wrote the capstone The Women of Ozette: Engendering the Past through Biogenetics and the Spatial Analysis of Basketry. I shocked my peers when they asked why I thought hairs would be stuck in the binding of hand-made baskets by saying I took apart one my friend made me several years ago and I used for five years.

I’m a science fiction writer, romance writer, and freelance fixer. I have self-published three novels, poetry, writing how-to books, articles, and other things under my name, and my top-secret identity (the romance girl) has published one romance novel under her name and has ghost-written three romance novels. I love writing about anthropology, science fiction, and the future; my alter ego likes writing steamy romance, paranormal romance, and futuristic romance. I blog about writing at: DarWrites

If any of these reasons rings true with you, please join me for the Anthropology, Archaeology and Romance workshop. This is what I love to do – and I’d love to share it with you!

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